How Bad?
Question - how do you hurt every small business on main street? You close down the street, that’s how. A call to the town office got no return. They are probably tired of me, but hey, that’s ok.  They will say they knew nothing of it, they had no control over it, not their problem. Well, nothing happens in this town without the town being informed, so don’t believe that.  They have no control: 1. bet you they knew, bet you they did not care it was the first of the month which is when most small businesses have a chance to actually make money. Truth, they don’t care. 2. When all you do is government work, you spend other peoples money. Running a tight ship and thinking about small business owners is not a concern. 3. They could have told the state to do it later. 4. They brought the damn train back, so I’m sure the train owner is talking to them on a regular basis. They will deny it, but who believes them now? Please note, noone on Town Council has a business on main street. Mayor does, but his business was not blocked by this work. And they wonder why the store fronts are empty. Your government at work again, thinking only of the BIG customers.
The Paper
Are you being run over by Town Management, if so, please do something. Join us! Start your own, fight back.  We only need a few council seats to control this mess.  Run for council!!
The Criminal
Not the crap you read in the paper
Don’t buy property in this town until you talk to us. Your investment may depend on it. But it’s your money.
Tabor News
Well, if you live downtown, you had to listen to this engine run all weekend. Funny, I’ll bet you that not one person that tried to get the rail service back, lives anywhere near the tracks. Rich Men love money and development. And typically they don’t care who they run over to get what they want. We need a new mayor, a new town council and a new town manager. Trivia - who in town benefits from the train? There is only one person, he’s already rich, so this helps him get a little richer. Oh, and he’s got a record of paying people off, make you wonder? 2nd Trivia Question: Why was your town council and lots of other people trying to get the train back? Not one of them would benefit from the train, at least not up front. Hey, but it looks good in the newspaper. Think about it, I’ll wait. 1/8/17
This is the signed affidavit….
Corruption can come in many forms. One of the most obvious is rich people buying favors from politicians.   Earlier in this decade, Rusty Carty, owner of Atlantic, was indicted for campaign finance fraud and was fined hundreds of thousands of dollars. He even had his employees at Atlantic making donations with his money. Now heres the fun part, in his official swarn testimony he states that he thought his dog and cat could make donations. That’s right, his pets. Wonder what kind of job they had to make money? My pets just seem to lay around and eat. This same Carter has made many and substantial donations to the town of tabor city. Now you could assume that he did it out of the goodness of his heart. Maybe? But when a man has a history of buying his way around, he gets use to having his way. Let me put it this way, go look at the town of tabor city council meeting minutes, go back as far as you want. Find me one case where your town council ever turned down a request from Carter. Find me one, I’ll wait. While you go look, ponder this. Would it not seem possible that Carter has given the money knowing full well that that would get him what ever he wants. Trust me, Carter lives in a big house with a wall around it, I’m guessing even a guard down at the entrance. So he has no concern for what his developement here does to the community. None. So when you see streets closed that you paid for with tax money, call town hall and see what Carter paid to lease that street. Per the Tribune, $0. Wonder if I can lease my street? Probably not, my pets don’t have jobs and make money, so I can’t afford to buy gifts for the town. Makes me wonder, Carter has already proven he will hand out money, illegally to people. Wonder if Town Council members got any of that action? It’s an unpaid position that they seem to love to run for?
The Tabor City Tribune It’s funny to me, the Tribune sets out each week to trash the stuff happening over in Loris. That would give you the impression that things are great here in good ole TC. But lets look at the facts. Atlantic owns just about everything is this town. In my search of property deeds, one town council member (his family) just sold a bunch of land to Atlantic.  Few months later, Town Council leases almost 2 entire streets to Atlantic for $0. Zero, Nothing, as in FREE. See that in the Tribune? Nope and you never will.  You see, the good ole Tribune is owned by Atlantic? Is that even legal? The towns largest corporation, which gets favors from the town, also gets no negative press, none, never?  The Tribune could never be objective about our town council. Never do any investigative type reporting, they can’t. Atlantic would never allow that. You never show up at town council meetings. You only read what they did in the Tribune. Really? You thought they would tell you everything? You trusted them? Hey, I’ve got some beach front property in Kansas I want to sell you. I promise. You’ll love the view, waves crashing at your backdoor, beautiful sandy beaches. And I promise I’ll make you a good deal on it. Oh, and I got a goose they lays nothing but gold eggs.
What proof do we have?
This is the guy our town council and town management are in bed with. Deep in bed. So lets start here, what proof do we have that this guy is corrupt. Well, you can google this on your own, this is the ONE TIME he got caught. This guy was throwing around large sums of money, illegally. Now, you think he got any favors? Nooooo, I’m sure he didn’t.  Wonder what he wanted for all this money? Well, here in Tabor City, he gets anything he wants. And yes, he’s been buying favor here in the form of LARGE contributions to the Town.  Sound like a conflict of interest to you?
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So how bad is it?
County Property Deed Website
They harass ordinary citizens with the “letter of the law”. They tell us, the law is the law.  Safety? An issue for safety? Notice the picture below, taken before the company in question got this town property (the streets that you paid for) for FREE. I checked, trucks blocking 50 to 60 percent of a public road. This could have kill someone. Coming home at night, dark. There are no flashing lights. This trailer was in this position for WEEKS! THIS  IS  A DEATH TRAP. RIGHT BEHIND TOWN HALL!!! But your tail light being out or no tag on your little yard trailer, those are major safety issues. So, how does this happen? An 18 wheeler trailer across almost an entire road, for weeks. And that’s not all that’s wrong with this picture. You see that building the truck is backed up to? That belongs to you, the tax payer. That’s not even their property. So maybe your town leased that to them? Maybe.  Probably for the same amount they just leased those 2 streets that you paid for, $0.00. You don’t pay your taxes, they will come get your stuff and sell it on the court house steps. Maybe it would be better if you just leased your house and property for 20 years from the town? Maybe you could get that for $0.00. It’s a lot cheaper that what you are paying in taxes. And this is only the surface, the stuff a simple person can find. Ever wonder what happens in all those meetings you aren’t allowed to go to or on those late night phone calls?