Tabor City NC 

Thirteen pieces of silver for the health of your family?
How dangerous can this be?

It’s your Tax Money

We just wanted to document your tax money being spent. Time will be the judge if it was wise or not. But we want to document for the record. Just to give credit, some info here are clips from the online version of the Tribune. Since Tabor City NC Town Management does not keep an adequate website to document their comments, grants, wasted money and lies. We will use the Tribune to document it for you.  

So lets get started. RJ Corman said in the Tribune they spent 3 Million of their own money. Shown here, they got 9.8 Million (from you) to do some work. Then they get another 17.5 Million from you. That gets them to a whopping 25 mph. That’s not fast enough to make money. They need to get to maybe 55mph. Based on the MILLIONS they already got from you, I’m assuming they will need another 35 Million from you to get to 55mph (again of your money). 

So looking around Columbus County, what could RJ Corman possibly haul to justify 50 or 60 million dollars of your tax money. Count ‘em up. I dare you.

Here’s my prediction. Unless there is a major industrial revolution in Columbus County, this will be MILLIONS of your tax dollars down the drain. And just as a reminder, your country is $22 Trillion in debt right now.

Assuming there are around 3500 people in Tabor City NC, at $60,000,000, they could have written everyone in town a check for over $17,000. I’d rather have the check. How about you? That would really boost the local economy!

The images above are lightboxed and if you click on them they will expand for easy reading. We give the Tabor City NC Tribune credit for these screen shots of their paper, which we paid for. And we are not profiting from these images. This is “fair use”.

This is my favorite!!!

Here is a project using $800,000 of your tax money to renovate an old building on 5th street for a “business incubator”. With the town manager stating that “there is no available space left in Tabor City for new business opportunities".

So I’m guessing all the closed up, boarded up buildings around town don’t count?

So where does the town manager live? Has he driven through town and looked? 

Click on image to expand!!

So How Bad is it?

To the right, credit, your town manager makes $110,00 per year.

Below that, the most of us here in Tabor City, as of 2016, average $20,000 per year. And trust me you work a lot harder than a town manager.

Your average home price, $89,000, well below the state average. 

And the chart below that, home sales here over the last many years. One thing you should note, with the RAPID expansion of the WAREHOUSES in town over the last few years, you see a steep decline in the price of homes and the number of homes selling.

REASON: No one wants to live in a a town full of warehouses. They might want to work here, but they don’t want to live here. 

So a good portion of you are living below the poverty level, working in a warehouse (maybe) for a millionaire. Your home is worth CRAP and if you decide to move you will get JACK Squat for it.

So the Town Manager gets rich, lives on the lake in a $350,000 home.

You get less than $10 per hour and your home is worth almost 1/2 the rest of the state.

So how about Loris. They don’t have warehouses on every corner and semi trucks all over town. Just one quick clip of Loris below, the average income is almost double Tabor City and the home price is almost double.

So what are we paying the Town Management for?

You can do nothing or you can vote in the next election for someone new.
You can do nothing or you can run for office.
Just don’t cry when the next warehouse is on your street or next to your home.
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