Tabor City NC 

Thirteen pieces of silver for the health of your family?
How dangerous can this be?

It’s your Tax Money

We just wanted to document your tax money being spent. Time will be the judge if it was wise or not. But we want to document for the record. Just to give credit, some info here are clips from the online version of the Tribune. Since Tabor City NC Town Management does not keep an adequate website to document their comments, grants, wasted money and lies. We will use the Tribune to document it for you.  

So lets get started. RJ Corman said in the Tribune they spent 3 Million of their own money. Shown here, they got 9.8 Million (from you) to do some work. Then they get another 17.5 Million from you. That gets them to a whopping 25 mph. That’s not fast enough to make money. They need to get to maybe 55mph. Based on the MILLIONS they already got from you, I’m assuming they will need another 35 Million from you to get to 55mph (again of your money). 

So looking around Columbus County, what could RJ Corman possibly haul to justify 50 or 60 million dollars of your tax money. Count ‘em up. I dare you.

Here’s my prediction. Unless there is a major industrial revolution in Columbus County, this will be MILLIONS of your tax dollars down the drain. And just as a reminder, your country is $22 Trillion in debt right now.

Assuming there are around 3500 people in Tabor City NC, at $60,000,000, they could have written everyone in town a check for over $17,000. I’d rather have the check. How about you? That would really boost the local economy!

The images above are lightboxed and if you click on them they will expand for easy reading. We give the Tabor City NC Tribune credit for these screen shots of their paper, which we paid for. And we are not profiting from these images. This is “fair use”.

This is my favorite!!!

Here is a project using $800,000 of your tax money to renovate an old building on 5th street for a “business incubator”. With the town manager stating that “there is no available space left in Tabor City for new business opportunities".

So I’m guessing all the closed up, boarded up buildings around town don’t count?

So where does the town manager live? Has he driven through town and looked? 

Click on image to expand!!

And this is just the beginning

More grants to redo main street in Tabor City which will cost you from what I read $6,000,000 in tax dollars and remove parking spaces. Great, so town management which does not have any idea of how to run a business, is going to remove parking spaces. GREAT!! (for those that might be offended here, just remember 3 of your 5 town council members inherited their business, 2 of those are now closed. How many of you would be successful today had you been spoonfed/handed a fully functional business? just asking, some of us started from scratch and we are still here, and to be clear I’m not trashing a closed business, it’s hard to run a business today, with all the Facebook Trolls who think they own the world)

Oh next on my hitlist, tourist train business from Myrtle Beach to Tabor City. So let me get this straight, you drive 15 hours from Ohio to visit the beautiful beach in Myrtle and North Myrtle Beach and you are going to pay how much to ride a train to Tabor City? And what might you expect to do in Tabor City before you return to Myrtle Beach? Look at boarded up storefronts? Watch semi trucks run all over town? Maybe visit a warehouse? How much would you pay?

Another boon doggle from grant happy morons, wasting tax money to hold on to their job. And let me remind you, your tax money.

Next we will document all the grants, tax waivers, free stuff they have given away over the years to fill the headlines with new ventures, most of which never met the requirements, never offered as many jobs, never stayed, never paid back anything and you never saw it mentioned (because they don’t deal with their failures).