Tabor City NC 

Thirteen pieces of silver for the health of your family?
How dangerous can this be?

Another Zoning and Planning Example

When you get time, just a couple of hours.

Grab your lawn chair and take a stroll down to Pete Circle. Maybe take a cold drink?

Sit and listen…..

Imagine if you had to listen to this everyday?

Wall Street

Imagine you lived here your entire life, and almost every year more huge industrial warehouses, more trucks, damage to yards and the road. Trucks blocking the road for hours at a time. 

Be honest, why would they care? As long as tax collections on these big warehouses pay a portion of the bills, they truly don’t care about average people. 

If you read this and don’t understand this site or our complaints, then you don’t live next to a factory or warehouse that has equipment that runs all night or a constant ever increasing line of semi trucks going past your home.